Welcome! I’m so happy that you are ready to jump in and begin my quick start guide to handling your money!

I have created this guide to help you dive a little deeper as to why you want to learn more about how to better manage your money. I don’t just teach you how to create a full financial plan, but I provide you with my personal terminology and methods. That way if you ever need my assistance through coaching or accountability, I can jump right in to help without us having to start from square one.

You can navigate your way around the steps and bonus material with the menu provided.

If you have a partner that you share finances with it is important to try to complete these steps together. You will be building more than a simple plan on paper. I’m going to have you dream about your future, create financial goals and make decisions on how you will utilize your money to make progress towards your future. If you are unable to complete this together then do your best on your own.

What You'll Need

  • Access to all your financial accounts (checkings, savings, investments, debts/loans)
  • Paper, pen/pencil
  • Calculator