Mindful Money Program

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I genuinely believe my coaching program can profoundly impact your life by reshaping your money mindset in just 7 months. It has been thoughtfully designed to take you on a transformative journey. Each of the 16 money mindset exercises is personally meaningful to me, as they reflect my own journey from financial stress to success, a process that took me years to master and which I’ve now condensed into this 7-month program just for you.

During our sessions, we’ll explore how various aspects of your life influence your finances. In addition to introducing new exercises, we’ll work on your unique plan in real-time. This journey will uncover new growth opportunities, deepen your self-awareness about money, and guide you towards creating an ideal money management system.

The program consists of three phases, each building upon the previous one. If you initially sign up for the Clarity or Mindset options, you can extend your program by three months to access the next phase. Each phase includes hour-long coaching sessions, money mindset exercises, budgeting assistance, ongoing email support, and more.

If you are ready to commit to the entire 7-month program then Empower is the best choice and value for you.

Prices below reflect the 80% off promotional rate. Check out my No-Risk Guarantee below!

  • 1 Month Commitment
  • 4 Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 4 Money Mindset Exercises
  • Training In Using My Budgeting System or Reviewing Your System
  • Focuses on budgeting basics & getting clarity through goal setting and foundational mindset exercises
  • Optional 3 Month Mindset Extension Available Upon Completion (additional $300)

  • Includes Clarity and Mindset
  • 4 Month Commitment
  • 6 Additional Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions (10 Sessions Total)
  • 6 Additional Money Mindset Exercises (10 total)
  • Additional focus on bringing awareness to mindsets, beliefs and behaviors
  • Optional 3 Month Empower Extension Available Upon Completion (additional $300)

  • Includes Clarity, Mindset and Empower
  • 7 Month Commitment
  • 6 Additional Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions (16 Sessions Total)
  • 6 Additional Money Mindset Exercises (16 Total)
  • Additional focus on expanding mindsets and future planning with advanced money management exercises

No-Risk Guarantee

I want you to find value from my programs and coaching. If either of us are not satisfied with the services or fit of the financial coaching relationship, we can cancel at any time. The current session and any future sessions that were paid for will be refunded (I will take the total program cost divided by the total sessions offered to get the price per session).