Thank you for signing up!

Let’s jump right in and get your first coaching session on the calendar!

I will also add a scheduler to your client portal so you plan ahead and schedule future sessions.

Each program comes with an allotted number of coaching sessions

Ignite is to be scheduled on a weekly basis over the course of 4 weeks.

Inspire and Empower can be front-loaded with 4 weekly meetings and then bi-weekly, or you can go straight to bi-weekly with two extra sessions you can use any time during your 4 or 7 month commitment.

During the 1-hour coaching sessions we will:

  • Check in on your budget wherever you are in the month. If it’s the end of the month we can work through the monthly review together

  • We will talk about any budget/strategy adjustments or tips that might be helpful

  • I will answer any questions you have

  • We will discuss any exercises that were assigned during the previous session

  • If there is time, we will review your new exercises or even complete them together

All program sessions will follow a similar structure. If it takes the whole time to work on finding solutions, having partner discussions, or making adjustments then we will focus our full attention just to that. Please come prepared with questions, a recently updated budget and completed exercises.