My Story

At the age of 25, my husband, Nick, and I encountered a rock-bottom moment when our online e-commerce business suddenly stopped generating income. We found ourselves burdened with $70,000 in consumer debt, scant savings, living with my parents, and grappling with financial uncertainty. This moment motivated us to create a financial plan and take decisive action to avoid ever feeling so helpless again.

Within two years, we managed to eliminate all of our debt and achieve the milestone of purchasing our first home. Today, we enjoy the freedom of funding dream vacations with cash, living debt-free, owning our vehicles outright, contributing to our retirement plan, and owning multiple homes.

I’m deeply passionate about exploring the intricacies of money management, strategies, budgeting, and creative approaches to leading a financially worry-free life. My goal is to pass on my expertise, providing guidance every step of the way to help individuals build up their financial confidence.

I became a financial coach because I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can achieve financial contentment and success by adhering to a well-crafted plan and being dedicated to making progress.