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Mindful Money Program

Ready to elevate your money management skills and reshape your mindset and emotions around money? (Recommended & Best Value)

Monthly Accountability

Comfortable with your money management and strategy, but need some extra accountability to help you stay on track each month?

Maintenance Session

In need of a one-time coaching session to get advice, problem solve or just check in?

Bundle and Save

Interested in ongoing coaching sessions? Check out my coaching session bundles!

“An investment in yourself will never lead to regret.”

― Germany Kent

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Expand Your Mindset and Dial In Your Plan

Mindful Money Program – $450

Having a strong financial foundation, working through limiting mindsets and being able to plan and dream about the future are necessary to finding financial peace and success.

My three tier coaching program covers all the bases and takes you down a path to building financial confidence. Each phase provides a new area of focus, challenging you to dive deeper, all while solidifying your money management skills and dialing in your goals and plan.

We’ll engage in bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions over the course of 7 months. Be sure to check out my no-risk guarantee.

Recommended For New Clients And Best Value

Extra Support To Keep You On Track

Accountability Subscription – $15 per month

Having a hard time sticking to your budget or achieving your goals? Not seeing as much progress as you’d like? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

My subscription provides engaging bi-weekly email newsletters with budget reminders, inspiration, money challenges, tips, resources and more! You’ll also have access to book a monthly 15-minute one-on-one mini session (at no additional cost) for quick assistance. I’ll also check in once a month via email or text to provide accountability as needed! There are also fun prizes for participating and sticking with your plan!

No commitment, cancel anytime


Established Financial Management

Maintenance Session – $75 for one hour

Feeling confident in your money management system and plan but occasionally need some advice or tips as life changes or problems arise? Or maybe you just want to check in to set a new goal or see if I can offer ways to improve your system or financial plan?

Schedule an hour-long session so we can work through any problems you are facing, review your plan and adjust your strategy as needed!

Want to meet on a regular basis, such as monthly, every two months or quarterly? Check out my session bundles below!

Bundle and Save

Save money by purchasing a bundle of one-hour sessions upfront!
This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting coaching on a consistent basis.

Prices are subject to change

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