Breakthrough Session – $80 for 90 minutes

Once you have determined that financial coaching is the right fit for you, you’re ready to scheduled a breakthrough session. This is a 90-minute Zoom meeting where we will discuss your finances and what you hope to achieve through financial coaching. Together we’ll create a plan for your money and tackle one problem area that you wish to work on. This introductory meeting helps me understand the big-picture of your finances so that I can see how to best assist you in your unique financial situation.

After completing the sign up form, I will send you a financial coaching contract to sign, along with a three-part financial overview form for you to fill out online. This will help me gain a full picture of your finances prior to our meeting so I can come prepared. Additionally, you will have a link to my meeting scheduler to choose your meeting time and will be asked to pay upon booking.

After the session, I will send you a full spending plan in PDF format, along with any notes or action steps from our meeting. You will also be given a link to sign up for additional coaching.

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